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Pinkal Memory Power

“There is Never a Good or Bad Memory.”

We all have sometimes or other thought in our life, “Just if I had a better memory, I would have gone places...”... “Just it dint come to my mind at that time and I lost my marks...”... “How could I forget his / her birthday...our anniversary...That important meeting...” The list could be endless.

In today’s competitive world, where students are fighting for 1 single mark, Memory is something that takes the game towards victory. Memory is something that can make you climb the mountain or sometimes, something that can push you down from the highest peak of the mountain.

Course Content

Pinkal Memory Power Magic is a wonderful blend of Memory Techniques and Psychological Techniques which helps the students to enhance their Career. The Psychological Techniques removes the unwanted blockages and misconceptions about memorizing things while the Memory Techniques are direct to apply methods on the students’ syllabus for memorizing it.

How to Remember:

  • Essays and Speeches
  • Short & Long Theories
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Short & Long Question – Answers
  • Definitions & Short notes
  • Give Reasons, Differences & Objectives
  • Numbers: History Datelines, Atomic Numbers, etc.
  • Equations & Formulas
  • Long List of words
  • Words list with numbers
  • Whole Book Main points with Page Number

About Us

We are Pinkal Mind Power!

“Pinkal Mind Power” is an Unique Institute with a Mission to bring positive change and transformation in the lives of people. We provide Training & Counselling for the Personal & Professional Excellence.

Pinkal Mind Power is an initiative by Pinkal Bhatt with a big goal of bettering the lives of people.


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